Extensions for Sismic

Sismic can be quite easily extended to support other semantics, other code evaluators or even other features. The sismic-extensions repository already provides some extensions. Feel free to contact us if you developed an extension you would want to be listed here.


This extension provides support to import and export statechart written using AMOLA. This allows statecharts to be created, edited and displayed with the ASEME IDE. It exposes import_from_amola and export_to_amola based on the bundled Ecore meta-model (see amola.ecore).

Download: https://github.com/AlexandreDecan/sismic-extensions/tree/master/sismic_amola


This extension contains two variations around the default interpreter: one supporting outer-first/source-state semantics, and a second giving priority to transitions with event (instead of eventless transitions).

The extension provides two new interpreter classes: OuterFirstInterpreter and EventFirstInterpreter. These two interpreters can be combined together, thanks to Python multiple inheritance.

Download: https://github.com/AlexandreDecan/sismic-extensions/tree/master/sismic_semantics